AIA Japan 2019 Lecture series No.3 "Feng-sui 150 years: from traditional Hakka to modern Taipei residences"

Nikken Sekkei Takebashi office - AIA Japan 2019 Lecture series No.3 "Feng-sui 150 years...

Nikken Sekkei Takebashi office
木曜日 20.6.2019
から 19:00 へ 21:00
Nikken Sekkei Takebashi office
JPTokyoPalace Side Building 8F
0 客室乗務員
Lectured by Liren Hsiao 蕭力仁
LRH Architect & Associates 蕭力仁建築師事務所2001 - 
Consultant to Taipei City Government 台北市顧問2014- 
Adjunct Professor, Nat’l Taiwan Univ. of Science&Technology 国立台湾科学技術大学 准教授2012 – 
1969 born in Taipei / 1992 Dept. of Arch., Chung Yuan Christian Univ. / 1996 Master’s degree, Univ. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
The lecture will explain how the ancient Chinese art of Feng-sui is still a very applicable way of designing buildings by showing 150 years of Feng-sui architecture from traditional Hakka residences to modern Taipei public residences.
Wine & snacks served at a networking session after the lecture.
ADMISSION FEES: Payment at the door 当日お支払下さい
AIA Members 会員: Free / General 一般: 1000 JPY / Students 学生: 500 JPY

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