Foam & Glow: Club Sky One Year Anniversary

Club Sky - Foam & Glow: Club Sky One Year Anniversary

Club Sky
日曜日 26.5.2019
から 20:00
月曜日 27.5.2019
へ 2:00
Club Sky
JPMoromizato(6-7F) 1 Chome-2-23904-0032
0 客室乗務員
WATC Presents Foam & Glow: Club Sky One Year Anniversary powered by Club Sky on Sunday, May 26th, 2019
Club Sky invites you to come out to enjoy our One Year Anniversary with, colored foam on the outside terrace, UV foam in the main dance area featuring a custom Foam Bouncy Pit and Belaire expo upstairs in our state of the art VIP. Three levels are accessible for one price! Please RSVP now tickets are available.
The show concept leads fans on a journey of unimaginable atmospheres and unforgettable emotions. WATC’s mission has been to create breath-taking events, bridging the gap between multiple cultures to come together to celebrate in unity. With a beautifully renovated venue, ground shaking bass, and top-notch DJs. Oh and don’t forget delicious food!
WATC FOAM N’ GLOW fuses High-Energy Diversified Music, Ultraviolet Dancers, & the ever so famous multi-themed FOAM N' GLOW Show into One Mindblowing Combination! Enjoy the foam show in our beautifully constructed outside the Sky Lounge, the main room will be flooded with ultraviolet lights that will brighten your soul and the . The newest champagne in Japan. Backed by artist Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and the Black Bottle Boys, this new brand of champagne will elevate the way you party and enjoy VIP.
Age 18+

Any US government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth.

US or foreign government issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth.

Must be 20+ to obtain a VIP wristband to purchase alcohol or enter VIP areas, a physical passport or US ID will be required.



Valid Photo ID

Your ticket via print out or scannable barcode on your phones

Smiles, friends, and good vibes


NO Refunds or exchanges

NO Sitting in designated dance floor areas

NO Moshing, crowd-surfing or stage-diving

NO Unauthorized or unlicensed vendors

NO Unauthorized solicitations, giveaways, sampling, etc.

NO Drinking and Driving

NO Fighting or Sexual Harassment of any sorts

ALL military members that are subjected to curfew should and will exit the venue at the times your base/command has set. We as a venue are not responsible for your tardiness or negligence.

NO Unauthorized outside food or drink (NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL)

YOU ARE PUT ON WARNING: that you are entering these premises and participating in a “FOAM N' GLOW EVENT” at your own risk, which you voluntarily assume. Although we have taken precautions to make this FOAM PARTY safe and enjoyable, we cannot and do not guarantee that accidents or other mishaps, perhaps resulting in serious injury will occur. If you have any doubts or misgivings about your safety, well being, or personal property, you have the right to not participate in this event by not entering into this establishment.
If you are a SOFA status personnel you are subject to the rules and regulations of your command. Any infractions will not be on the establishment itself but the SOFA member.
WATC expressly disclaims responsibility or liability for any and all injuries, accidents or other occurrences which may result in damages to any individual or group participates in the "FOAM N' GLOW EVENT”. Take extreme caution, the floor, and other surfaces will become slippery. Please govern yourself accordingly.
Although the FOAM used is considered safe, persons with allergies, skin disorders, open wounds or any other ailments or conditions should consult a doctor before entering the FOAM. All persons should avoid eye contact and taking FOAM internally. The FOAM (a detergent) will cause dermatitis in certain individuals if left on the skin for an extended amount of time. Removal of wet clothing, bathing and using a moisturizer is advised. Enjoy yourself and please respect all other participants.
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