The night with the monks

Kyoto-shi - The night with the monks

土曜日 20.5.2017
から 23:00
日曜日 21.5.2017
へ 20:00
3 客室乗務員
Dear friends!
We invite you to learn how to be a buddist monk.
This event will be held at Manpukuji temple in Kyoto.
We will begin the practices at 15.oo on and finish at 12.oo the next day (at least, those who won`t get enlighten earlier in the process).
The lecture of the great priest will be taught in Japanese without any translations.
The price for a night over at the temple with vegetarian dinner/breakfast, buddist practices like ZAZEN, etc is 20.000 yen per person.
Please, make reservations as soon as possible. The last acceptance and cancelations are 10 days prior to the event.
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