Orphan Christmas in the Japanese Countryside

Sano, Tochigi, Japan - Orphan Christmas in the Japanese Countryside

Sano, Tochigi, Japan
日曜日 24.12.2017
から 12:00 へ 22:00
Sano, Tochigi, Japan
1 客室乗務員
Do you not have the time off or the funds to go home for a visit? Come and join to get your fix of food, friends, and a wholesome atmosphere for the holidays.

For a contribution (TBD, but around 5,000-10,000), I'll bring in imported food and drinks for a party of 8 people. Christmas ham, anyone? Cake? Let me know what you like and we can discuss a menu.

Scheduled for Christmas Eve in Sano, Tochigi-ken. Two-story apartment with lots of space to sit around, play cards, share stories, and just spend some time with good people over the holidays. There's also the Christmas lighting display at Ashikaga Flower Park just a short taxi ride away.

We definitely don't have to officially start at noon, but the last train to Tokyo is at 9:56 PM, so at least an early afternoon meeting followed by dinner is ideal. If a few people would rather stay later and crash (I have two floor mats), that should be fine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Joining the FB event does not mean you are confirmed, as I have people signing up from Meetup, Couchsurfing, and here and limited space. Please let me know your interest and I'll confirm you if there's room.
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