SOGO Acroyoga [Max 20 ppl | 最大20人]

スタジオ ミッション - SOGO Acroyoga [Max 20 ppl | 最大20人]

スタジオ ミッション
木曜日 20.7.2017
から 19:30 へ 22:30
スタジオ ミッション
17 客室乗務員
(English / 日本語)

We're back to our normal schedule this week!
This week's room number: 801. See you there!

As always, newcomers are welcome!

***First-timer friends***
If you invite a friend, they get a 500 yen discount for their first session! Just post in the comments that you're bringing them with you!

--- Session Overview ---

Studio opens at 7:30PM for free stretching and warming up (unguided). Lesson is 8:00~8:55PM so try to come early if you don’t want to miss anything!

The second half of the session (this week, 9:30~10:30PM) will be jam style so you can practice or review anything you want. Feel free to leave whenever you feel like.


*As a reminder, since there's limited space, please only press Going if you are sure you can make it.

--- Schedule スケジュール ---

7:30 pm - Meet at Studio Mission (8F, Room# 801).
「スタジオミッション」9階 #901

Stretching and warm-up (ストレーチ、ワーミングアップ)

8:00 pm - Lesson (レッスン開始)

9:00 pm - Free practice (自由練習)

10:25 pm - Clean up (掃除時間)

10:30pm - We must be out of the studio by this time. 終了時間までに退室。

-- Participation Fee 参加費 --

Please pay by signing in on the envelope by the door and putting the money inside.  


*mat rental system: we will provide 10 mats which will be first-come first-serve. For any additional mat needs, we ask that you rent them from the counter on the 9th floor for 100 yen (+tax).

--- What to bring/wear 持ち物 ---

Please come with workout clothing. There are changing rooms in the studio you can use. We will be doing it with bare feet so take your shoes and socks off upon arrival. Avoid wearing baggy clothing and skirts.


We will split into 2 groups depending on level:

Level 1 Intro/Basic - For people completely new to AcroYoga. Slow paced with focus on safety, flexibility, and balance.
Pre-requisites: None

Level 2 Beginner/Intermediate - For people who have some basic experience and are looking to improve.
Pre-requisites: Bird, Folded Leaf, Throne

You will be coached on how to do everything safely so don't worry! When it comes to AcroYoga, technique is much more important than strength.


レベル1 初回/基本 ー 初めての方向け。ゆっくりのペースで安全、柔軟性、またはバランスに集中します。

レベル2 初級/中級 ー 基本がてきてレベルアップしたい方向け。
条件: バード、ストラドルスローン、フォルデドリーフ

未経験者に丁寧に安全に指導するので安心してお越しく ださい。アクロヨガでは力より技のほうが大切です。基本からやしく学びます!
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